Connection box Profibus DP - 3 channels for XGCS smart antennas

range of product OsiSense XG  
product or component type Connection Profibus box  
device short name XGSZ33  
number of channels 3  
communication port protocol Profibus DP V1  
station name XGCS49
electrical connection 1 female connector M12 4 pins for PC connection (A encoding)
1 female connector M12 5 pins for network output (B encoding)
1 male connector M12 4 pins for power supply (A encoding)
1 male connector M12 5 pins for network input (B encoding)
3 female connectors M12 5 pins for stations XGCS (A encoding)
[Us] rated supply voltage 24 V DC conforming to Protective Extra Low Voltage  

supply voltage limits 21.6...26.4 V DC  
power consumption in W < 2.5 W  
status LED 1 dual color LED (red/green) for diagnostics
1 dual color LED (red/green) for RFID communication
1 LED (green) for communication network
1 LED (red) for diagnostics
communication service Cyclical variable exchange  
register words 1...49 words  
transmission support medium 2 twisted shielded pairs cable  
transmission rate 9.6 kbit/s...12000 kbit/s  
marking CE  
product weight 1.06 kg  

product certifications Profibus  
ambient air temperature for operation 0...55 °C  
ambient air temperature for storage -25...85 °C  
relative humidity 30...95 %  
IP degree of protection IP65  
EMC filter Class B EMC filter conforming to EN 55022
Level 3 EMC filter conforming to IEC 61000
Offer Sustainability

Sustainable offer status Green Premium product  
RoHS (date code: YYWW) Compliant - since 0824 - Schneider Electric declaration of conformity  
REACh Reference not containing SVHC above the threshold  
Product environmental profile Available PDF image  download Product environmental
Product end of life instructions Available PDF image  download End of life manual